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We are GoJob, a JOB MATCHING PLATFORM for the Marginalised Community. Our journey began 4 years ago by word of mouth, and it is time to scale up our effort due to the rising numbers of homelessness and unemployment especially in city center like Kuala Lumpur. This can be seen clearly with the mushrooming of transit shelter homes. Our solution for the hiring of the Marginalized Community is also to meet the Government's calling to reduce dependancy of foreign workers.

Certified Impact Driven Enterprise

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Social mission put forth by GoJob is recognized by MaGIC as an Impact Driven Enterprise. Our aim is to create a platform that matches groups/individuals that are often overlooked and are being marginalised with Corporations, Small Local Business and Individuals for employment opportunities based on their skills and availability. GoJob will also be offering trainings and mentorship so those we help will progress to a better life. Help us realise our mission in helping the marginalized get on their feet.

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Our Team

1. Siti Sarrah Shamsubahrin

Handling and engaging with the Marginalized Community & Corporations in up-selling the hands-up approach as opposed to the hands-down mentality.

2. Zarina Ismail

Leads team due to her vast networking and public relations connections from corporate sectors to NGOs, charitable groups and government sectors.

3. Omar Adam Hon

Manages Commercial Contracts, Terms and Agreements which will be able to safeguard the interest of a social enterprise. He specialize on the legal side of the business.

4. Din Amri

Designer across all platform for GoJob.

Our Sustainable Development Goals

United Nation Sustainable Development Goals

These are parts of United Nations set of global development drive, known as the Sustainable Development Goals.


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